site tenets

Why does this site exist?

Excellent question! Why does any site exist?
To answer shortly, this site exists because it can!
To answer longly, travel back with me, if you will, to the distant days of the early 90s...
I grew up in the 1990s, when the Internet was just beginning to gain usefulness and popularity.
It certainly existed before that point, in a more limited format, but I was lucky enough to witness its Cambrian Explosion.
By most accounts, the Internet was a lawless land. And by "lawless", I don't mean hopelessly criminal (though crime was definitely present back then as well, just in more subtle, innovative ways).
Rather, the Internet felt "lawless" in a "there are no rules, anything goes" kind of way, which really built an atmosphere of zany creativity over everything.
Unfortunately, I wasn't old enough to have my own website at that time, but I could definitely tell that the Internet was being made by people, individuals, all making their own way through cyberspace the best that they could.
After a while, corporations began to root up through the ground, and gobbled their way through the various disparate communities. These corporations promised consistency and efficiency, which the Internet was sorely lacking.
I'm not going to say that the Internet is worse for having become more uniform, because it has become a powerful tool, indespensable for its cultural and historical value.
But looking back, I am just in awe of the charm and personality that every website exuded, and I sorely miss that component of what made the Internet so irresistable.
Like, sure, the websites of the 90s were limited in certain ways, restricted by the capabilities of HTML and the Internet's infrastructure. Those limitations were painfully obvious in retrospect - just look at any article about "90s websites" and you'll see.
But it is a universal truth that limitation breeds human creativity. The citizens of the early 'net did not see restrictions; they saw potential, and every new addition to the Internet only served to expand the possibilities.
They catered to their own niche audiences, and people bonded over small forums and pop culture shrines.
Now, even as we are connected by social media platforms offering mass appeal and infinite reach, the capability to express ourselves through every medium possible, in an age when random nobodies become household names, it feels to me like the individuality has all but disappeared.
I won't spend any further time bemoaning the issues of the modern Internet. I just want to revel in the glory of the Golden Era of the World Wide Web.
I want to return to an era where every person builds a website from the ground up, carved out of the digital bedrock as a reflection of its owners own style and interests.
I share this mentality with thousands of other budding (and veteran) website developers across the globe, and I want to do my part to bring about the revival of the "personal website".
This is my effort, my contribution, my digital heart and soul.
This is my website.

Ten Ets

This is a list of the design tenets, as laid out by my own hand, which form the pillars upholding the development and maintenance of my entire website.
Though these tenets were crafted specifically to suit the needs of my site (, you are welcome to freely borrow or repurpose parts of it to help guide your own web developing endeavors!

  1. This website is enjoyable and fun.
    • First and foremost, I, the Author, must always have fun and enjoy creating it. Creating this website is not a chore or a responsibility. As a positive side effect, this site may also be fun and enjoyable to others.
  2. This website is handmade.
    • I will not blindly copy-paste code into my site. I will write the code myself wherever possible, and when I need to rely on the coding solutions of others, I will understand the code fully before implementing it.
  3. This website is timeless.
    • All of its media will be presented in a way that it can be understood and appreciated at any time, regardless of when the content was created. Where something is context-sensitive, every effort will be made to provide the proper context, through explanation or links to outside resources.
  4. This website is contemporary.
    • If a page is not complete or non-existent, it will not be accessible. There will be no broken links or unfulfilled promises of "coming soon". If it doesn't exist, it doesn't exist.
  5. This website is art.
    • The efficiency and structure of this website should not outweigh the creativity that I put into it. Although this site's primary purpose is to host my various creative projects, it should also be viewed as a piece of art in itself - an expression of my own individuality and understanding of the world.
  6. This website is evolving.
    • The standard "under construction" disclaimer will always apply to every page of this website. If I decide I would prefer to change the styling of a page, I will do so. However, if I do not have a specific plan, I shall always try to retain the original styling of a page, unless it somehow impedes the accessibility of its content.
  7. This website is flawed.
    • I will make errors in the creation of this website. Wherever possible, I will try to catch and correct issues as I notice them, or if I receive user feedback. However, each page is presented as-is, and is not entitled to future coding updates or refinement.
  8. This website is self-contained.
    • Wherever possible, content shall be entirely accessible on this website without requiring the use of outside services. If the website must rely on outside services for hosting content (e.g. storage space issues), every effort will be made in the future to host content directly. Backups of all content shall be maintained locally, in the event that an outside service becomes unreliable or unavailable.
  9. This website is personal.
    • Every part of this website will be curated by me, and for me. There will not be a social media-based component on this site. Any commentary or interaction from outside parties will be hosted on other platforms.
  10. This website is free.
    • There will be no paid access to any part of this website. Every page will be freely available to everyone, everywhere. There will also be no hosted advertisements for any product or service other than my own.
    These tenets are not sacred; the rules are guidelines. However, the intent is that when the rules are broken, they must be broken consciously and specifically. That is, exceptions must be made in a conscious fashion, and to achieve a specific goal.