jcd, fyi

Howdy, amigos!
Welcome to my humble *e*bode.
This website is home to all things JCD.
What is JCD? Take a look around!
It could be the art projects of a Joyful Creative Dynamo.
It could be the videogame achievements of a JollyCatDad.
It could be a (mediocre) attempt to simulate a Janky Computer Desktop.
It could be providing access to a scrapheap of Juvenile, Clownish Documents.
It could be a virtual space where you can kick back and Just Chill, Dude.
Really, JCD can stand for all kinds of things, but most importantly, it stands for me:
I'm JCD, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Links (Awakening)

Oh no, what have I done?

    There's so much I have yet to do
    and so little time